What Is An Immigration Attorney?

Published on July 30th, 2015

We live in a world that has fewer and fewer barriers. It is no longer a six-month journey from Europe to the US, rather a twelve-hour trip. If you are leaving your country of birth and you and your family want to immigrate to the US, you will need immigration attorneys to help. The same attorneys can obtain visas for limited time workers or students and they often deal with companies who are planning overseas expansion, as well as deal with helping those who are seeking asylum. Immigration law is very complex and a skilled and seasoned immigration attorney knows how to navigate the complexities of the bureaucracy.

Legal Professional

It is always best if the immigration attorneys can see the clients prior to their actual immigration. This way, the attorney and client can discuss the pending trip to ensure that it goes as smoothly and pleasantly as possible. The attorney can deal with applying for the proper residency permit, be it for work, study, or temporary residency. In the event the immigrant wishes to pursue full citizenship, the immigration attorney is the ideal legal professional to discuss in detail the requirements and the various steps that must be taken.

Crisis Management

Immigration under ideal conditions is one thing, immigration attorneys can also help clients who find themselves in difficulty or are facing a crisis. A student who is having trouble getting his or her student visa extended can turn to an immigration attorney; those that have been charged with overstaying their visa or immigrating illegally can also turn to an immigration attorney to help resolve the situation.


Many businesses today are expanding internationally; often these businesses will offer employment to a foreign national who will learn the business prior to returning home. The immigration attorney can deal with work permits and limited duration residency permits; all of this is beneficial to the firm that wishes to make a move into the international business arena.

Avoid Pitfalls

All countries have immigration laws. The laws in the US are detailed and oftentimes they are confusing to a potential immigrant. Not only are the laws confusing, they change rapidly. Immigration attorneys can help people avoid the possible pitfalls of relocating to the US.

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