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Our Immigration BAM Results

We would love to write about our countless other BAM results, but we stay busy getting new BAM results for our existing clients.

What do you do when your client is being deported for having committed a firearms offence?

Well you pull out all the stops and convince the Immigration Judge that there is a difference between a firearms offence and carrying a 100 rounds of 9mm ammo onto a commercial aircraft.

A gentleman walked into our office after having visited several other immigration attorneys who did not seem to have any winning ideas on how they could help him. He had been convicted several years ago in Cook County for attempting to board a commercial aircraft by “attempting to pass through the screening checkpoint at Ter. 5 … while having firearm ammunition” basically trying to smuggle aboard 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition hidden inside a child’s teddy bear.

Recently when the same client applied for his US Citizenship, he was issued an NTA (Notice to Appear) before an immigration judge and removal proceedings were started for him since the Federal Government argued he had violated a firearms offence which made him deportable. The Honorable Immigration Judge, Judge Robert Vinikoor, agreed with us that our Client had not violated a firearms offence though he was convicted of trying to sneak 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition onto a commercial flight.

That is an example of a BAM result for our client!!!


Jesus’s first miracle in the Bible was turning vinegar into wine – well we didn’t do that but we turned a cocaine conviction into a marijuana conviction for less than 30 grams (God forgive us). Why does that matter? It matters a lot because almost any drug conviction at all makes an alien deportable with the exception of one conviction for marijuana less than 30 grams.

A client was taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because he was here in the United States without any documentation and had been convicted of cocaine possession in Lake County Illinois several years ago. We asked the Immigration Judge, the Honorable Judge Klien for more time while we tried to reopen the years old case in Lake County, IL. The Honorable Immigration Judge Klien allowed us time to do that while our client remained in custody because a drug offence requires mandatory detention and no bond is given to ICE Detainees who have been previously convicted of a drug offence. We filed a motion in Lake County and pushed the prosecutor to reopen the case so that we could have it redone as a conviction for marijuana for less than 30 grams. After first refusing and then plenty of negotiating and after we filed a tough as nails motion to reopen that promised to go all the way up to the appellate courts, she relented and we achieved the results we needed from Lake County surprising Judge Klien as well as the assistant chief council in immigration court.

This is an example of a BAM result for our client!!!


What do you do when you were already deported years ago and ICE just picked you up?

A gentleman had already been deported from the United States and had sneaked back into the country. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had picked him up and held him without bond. Since he had already been deported before he was being removed from the US without even the opportunity to see an immigration judge. His frantic family in Minnesota who had heard about us from another immigration attorney called us. Within days we had prepared an emergency motion to stay his removal (get the Immigration Judge To Demand that ICE not remove him) and give us time to get an answer for a VAWA that we filed by staying awake and working through the weekend. Attorney Khaja M. Din personally drove from Chicago to Bloomington, Minnesota to file the motion before the same Immigration Judge that had previously ordered him to be deported/removed from the United States. The clock was ticking and since ICE was not going to bring our client in front of an Immigration Judge our client was moments away from being deported. Time was critical. The Judge signed the order, demanding that ICE not remove our client.

This is another BAM result for our Client!!!


What do you do when your client is being deported for having committed multiple criminal offences?

A young woman had been placed in removal proceedings after her third arrest on theft charges where it was also discovered that she had no legal status in the United States. She had just been ordered removed from the United States by an Immigration Judge and was leaving the courtroom distraught and crying when she saw Attorney Khaja M. Din talking with a very happy client. She approached Attorney Din and asked if she could meet with him to discuss her case. Within days we had prepared an emergency motion to stay her removal (get the Immigration Judge To Demand that ICE not remove her) and give us time to get law enforcement certification for a U-Visa for a crime that she had been a victim of when she was just 15 years old. Though the crime had occurred more than nine years prior we worked diligently to get the certification. Attorney Khaja M. Din personally drove from Chicago to Fort Worth, Indiana several times to meet with law enforcement and was able to get the certification required. Her U-Visa was filed and a copy was presented to the Immigration Judge at her next hearing. After reviewing the U-Visa application submitted the Immigration Judge administratively closed her case.



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