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What Our Clients Say About Our Immigration Law Firm?

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AVVO Reviews


The best!!

Posted by a client,

Khaja Din is absolutely the best attorney I have ever had. Not only did he give me hope, but he delivered too. I just found out last week my Vawa case was approved. Although, I was abused by my spouse, like many others I did not have a ton of evidence. Hats off to Khaja and his team for handling my case so well. At the courtroom earlier this year, he pleaded my case to the judge like he was pleading for himself. He is full of confidence and personality. I went to his office a lot to discuss my case. I never once felt rushed or dissatisfied with the progress of my case. If he was billing me hourly, I would have paid a lot more than what I paid as his flat rate. Din law was always there to answer my concerns by email, phone and in person. Last year, I got in a little verbal fight with some people. I called Khaja during the commotion and not only did he take my call at 11pm while he was on vacation, but also guided me in diffusing the conflict. He did not even bill me for it. Additionally, I learnt a lot from him during my meetings at a personal level. Believe him when he tells you that God keeps his word! I aspire to be the man.


Excellent, Trustworthy and Exceptional Immigration Attorney

Posted by N400, a Immigration client,

Khaja bhai is an is excellent attorney and I would highly recommend him to others regarding any immigration need. He is handling my Naturalization case and is result-oriented. When you retain him as an attorney he makes sure that he is on top of everything and considers every case as his own case and gives a tough fight to get your case approved. He is currently working on my case which is currently being delayed, but I’m sure he will get it approved soon because he is focused, losing a case is not in his dictionary. Most of the attorney won’t give their personal phone number for emergencies, but Khaja Din gave his personal number incase if something important comes up beside normal office hours. I would highly recommend him.



Posted by FB, a Immigration client,

I am so thrilled that I made the right decision in choosing Khaja Din to handle my case. I felt hopeless but he found the right strategy for me. I had thought of giving up and going home; instead, my green card is approved!




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