Wanted: Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Published on September 19th, 2016

President Obama announced a new proposal as part of his immigration reform agenda. The proposal includes guidelines for a “startup visa” which would allow foreign-born entrepreneurs temporary stay in the United States in order to start and grow a business. Immigrants have made great contributions to the American economy, founding some of the most proliferate businesses in modern day such as YouTube and PayPal. The proposal attempts to create more pathways for immigrants to grow their entrepreneurial spirit and ideas on American soil. Immigration lawyers in Chicago and across the country will be able to give hope to their entrepreneurial clients.

This proposal does not require congressional approval and could be implemented as soon as next year provided the Department of Homeland Security moves to finalize the rule. However, the proposal is not all-inclusive. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis, requiring applicants to prove they have a meaningful role in an American company founded in the past three years. They must also prove they have significant financial stake in the company and must retain a portion of said stake to extend their stay.

This proposal comes as a multi-faceted effort to attract smart, ambitious immigrants to the United States on the premise that they start and grow an American company. Though the rule creates pathways for future immigrants it does little for foreign entrepreneurs already on U.S. soil who have started American companies. One of the biggest communities pushing for immigration reform are those foreign-born entrepreneurs who have started American companies and are now trying to obtain permanent residencies so they may continue growing their business and contributing to an economy that is now their own. These men and women also deserve a chance at furthering their entrepreneurial enterprises without being denied permanent status or deported. And the fact of the matter is, immigrants actually create American jobs.

Policies that protect immigrants and their entrepreneurial enterprises serve to strengthen the U.S. economy and create more domestic jobs. Immigrants need the help of immigration lawyers in Chicago to fight for the life and livelihood they’ve worked so hard to achieve. At Din Law we are dedicated to creatively and aggressively fighting for the rights of our clients, making sure they receive proper representation in the complicated battle for visas and citizenship.

Let the experienced team at Din Law be your immigration lawyers in Chicago and help you fight for your right to your home and business. The recent immigration proposal illustrates the potential that future foreign entrepreneurs have in America. However, we also have a responsibility to protect those immigrants who are already here and working hard to maintain businesses.

Din Law’s team of immigration lawyers in Chicago will work tirelessly to make sure your case is heard and rights represented. Call us today to get started. (312) 361-8462

Courtesy of The New York Times and the White House


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