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Chicago VAWA For Men Lawyer

For most men, abuse and violence by a significant other is something they do not talk about. Society assumes that men are far less victimized than women. Yet statistics show that a very high number of men are abused physically, psychologically, sexually, and emotionally by a spouse or significant other.

Men are frequently victims of all forms of abuse: slaps, punches, other violence, stalking, rape, and other sexual abuse. For immigrant men who suffer abuse, relief is available. Our law firm, Din Law, LLC, provides aggressive representation to immigration clients seeking relief as victims of abuse even without police reports and even if the abuse was not physical, but only emotional or verbal.

We fight for men’s and women’s rights in VAWA cases.

Relief is available to you under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The Act permits immigrants to obtain legal status here in the United States without relying on those who abuse them. With VAWA, we can help you:

  • Mount an effective defense against deportation/removal
  • Obtain a green card
  • Fight back against threatened consequences for overstays
  • Stay here legally even if you entered without inspection or without a visa without you having to return to your home country

The majority of our firm’s VAWA cases involve men. Even though the act mentions violence against women, it applies equally to men, women, and children. More than 80 percent of our VAWA clients are men, and we have never lost a VAWA case, ever.

Cook County Violence Against Men Lawyers

Our lawyers represent male victims throughout Chicago, Illinois. We aggressively pursue our clients’ rights and help them obtain the results they need to stay in the country and hold their lives and families together. We are aggressive. We are the firm to call when other attorneys will not take your case. We take great pride in our ability to handle complex, difficult and often hopeless cases. We get results, and our reputation reflects that. We help with all green card cases as well.

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