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Published on December 22nd, 2016

Asylum is a protection granted by a nation to someone who has fled his or her home country as a political refugee. Said person usually leaves their home country to flee persecution, violence, war, or natural disaster. Asylum is granted under the premise that if someone were forced to stay or return to their home country their life, safety, and freedom would be in grave danger. Asylum is one of the core protections founded and fought for by the United Nations. Asylum-seekers are often referred to as refugees, provided they are actually granted the protections afforded to them under international law.

The path toward asylum is not an easy one, aside from the fact that it begins with tragedy. However, it is a right afforded to millions of people all over the world who have been displaced from their homes unjustly. Pursuing asylum deserves the help of  immigration lawyers in Chicago. At Din Law we are committed to aggressively representing our clients and their cases. If you are seeking asylum in the United States make sure to give us a call.

Two Ways To Obtain Asylum

There are two ways to obtain asylum in the United States, and they differ significantly. Getting help from  immigration lawyers in Chicago will increase your chance of obtaining the protection. The lawyers at Din Law understand the complexities of immigration law and will give your case its biggest advantage.

Affirmative Asylum Processing

To obtain asylum through this process you must be present in the United States and apply within one year of your last arrival into the country. You may apply regardless of how you entered or what your current immigration status is.

Defensive Asylum Processing

This type of asylum is pursued as a defense against removal from the United States. Individuals find themselves in this process because they have been determined ineligible for asylum under the affirmative processing, or were caught without proper immigration documentation but still had a credible fear of persecution by their home country should they be forced to return.

Get Help From Immigration Lawyers In Chicago

The immigration lawyers at Din Law have extensive experience in all facets of immigration law. We provide aggressive legal representation to all our clients, because their interests are ours. If you and your family are seeking asylum, call our offices right away to get your case started.

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