When Might You Need an Immigration Attorney?

Published on July 14th, 2016

If you are definitely eligible for a US visa or green card, and if you have not been tried for a crime or had problems with immigration officials, you can potentially get what it is you want without any assistance from an attorney. However, there are many situations where you will definitely need the assistance of seasoned immigration attorneys in Chicago. Having the right attorney will help you get the immigration ruling you need. In the US, immigration issues are always very complicated and it is an area of law that includes the bureaucracy, which has never been known to be overly considerate or efficient. A few of the areas where you will need professional legal assistance are:

  • Proceedings in immigration court:

In the event you are, or ever have been, the subject of deportation proceedings, then it is imperative that you have an immigration attorney. If the proceedings are still ongoing, your situation is in the hands of the court. Your immigration application will likely be dismissed if you are the subject of deportation proceedings, meaning that you definitely need an experienced immigration attorney.

  • If you are considered to be inadmissible:

Of all the legal problems encountered by potential immigrants, a common one is that they are not admissible. There are numerous reasons why this can be cited by the immigration service, including having been found guilty of committing a crime or having lied at one time to the government.

  • Paperwork:

There is nothing associated with immigration that is not accompanied by forms, and plenty of them. All you have to do is make one simple error in completing these forms and your entire case may be delayed or even rejected. Immigration attorneys in Chicago deal with immigration forms and paperwork daily and they know the requirements like the back of their hand.

  • Delays:

The immigration service is notoriously slow; often this alone is enough to make people involved in an immigration issue to hire a lawyer. Things that appear to be of no consequence can make all the difference; even moving from one area to another while a green card application is being processed can cause lengthy delays.

One thing anyone involved with immigration must not do is to rely on advice given to them by the agency. The only people that are truly experts and can give you proper advice is an immigration attorney.

If you are dealing with the US customs and immigration service you need to be represented by the best immigration attorneys in Chicago. You are invited to contact the lawyers at Din Law, where you are able to get a free case evaluation.


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