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Published on March 7th, 2016

Many heart-breaking stories have been told over the years of parents trying to move their families to the US for a better life or to escape persecution. Sometimes families are separated, with some having immigrated legally, while others have to wait their turn. It’s a huge decision for anyone to leave their home and travel to start again in a new country, and very few would do it if their circumstances at home were not fairly dire. Despite this, the immigration laws of the US are strict and extremely complex. While it might be possible to handle your own divorce or draw up your own pre-nuptial agreement, handling the US immigration paperwork is almost impossible without professional help. For a start, there are endless different visas available and all have their own requirements. Immigration can be very expensive, but it will cost a lot more if your paperwork isn’t in order and you end up being deported back to your home country.

Choosing Chicago Immigration Lawyers

If you live in the Chicago area you are strongly advised to consult with local immigration lawyers. Although a lot of the work can be conducted on the phone or via email, it’s often necessary to appear in court with an attorney with you.

If you find you are in trouble with the law, good lawyers will often be the only ones on your side. Going to court on your own when you have been detained almost always results in a poor outcome as you are not well enough versed in immigration law to plead your case effectively and won’t know what temporary documentation you could provide. Highly experienced lawyers know all the reasons for deportation as they will have dealt with many similar cases, and they will have ways of rebutting most of these.

Should you be in the country illegally, it is always advisable to consult with lawyers immediately. For example, if you have had a valid visa that has expired and you have remained in the US, lawyers might advise you to return home and start the visa application process again from there. Failure to return home can damage your chances of being allowed to immigrate permanently and very often means that future visa applications are denied. On the other hand, immigration lawyers will be able to assist you in applying for a new visa based on the wide range of categories available and can keep assisting you until, ultimately, you are legally allowed to live and work in the US.


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