Immigrant Contributions to the U.S. Economy

Published on June 20th, 2017

The immigration debate is largely centered on economic concerns. The question as to whether or not immigrants are burdensome or valuable contributors to the workforce, consumer market, and economy as a whole is hotly debated and remains as the cornerstone of many policy decisions. Here are just a few facts about how immigrants contribute to and participate in the United States economy.

Labor Force

About 25 million immigrants are working in the country today, and they participate in the labor market at a slightly higher rate than native-born Americans. Immigrants also earn consistently less than native-born American workers. Young immigrants make nearly equal to their native counterparts, but the wage gap increases as workers age.


According to the U.S. Bureau and Labor Statistics immigrants with a college degree or higher earn slightly more than native-born workers with the same education, 2.8 percent more to be exact.

Business Owners

The Small Business Administration conducted a study and found that immigrants were more likely than native-born Americans to own a business. 10.5 percent of U.S. immigrants own a business, compared to the 9.3 percent of native-born Americans. For every 10,000 immigrants to the United States, an estimated 62 will start a business, which is double the rate for native-born Americans. One-third of the companies that went public between 2006 and 2012 have a least one immigrant founder. Immigrants founded 51 percent of the 87 privately held companies that are estimated north of $1 billion.

Immigrants make significant and invaluable contributions to the United States economy. If you are trying to gain U.S. citizenship so you can make those same contributions, call a Chicago immigration lawyer today. At Din Law, LLC we have helped our clients obtain citizenship, apply for visas, avoid deportation, and achieve asylum and a number of other Chicago immigration lawyer services. Call us today to get your case started.



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