Facing Immigration Fears

Published on February 1st, 2016

Fear Itself

As human beings, one of the strongest emotions we can experience is fear. Many people have specific phobias, but almost everyone has a basic fear of the unknown. What may happen or what may not happen, our minds often settle on a worst case scenario before we even know the facts.

What Americans Fear

Unfortunately, even though the United States is a country built on the hopes, dreams, and backs of immigrants, the complexities of our world have created a mindset where fear has compromised the ideals and principles of American citizens. Because of the extremist behavior of a few irrational individuals, many people fear the worst from those entering this country and want to limit access to those who wish to take part in all that it has to offer.

Those who resist immigration for any reason play on the fears of law abiding Americans, telling them that immigration rights cannot coexist with the safety concerns we now have in our society. Despite these fears, most people welcome new individuals into their lives openly and truly want to share the opportunities available in the United States with those wishing to become productive citizens.

What Immigrants Fear

Many immigrants have very real fears, stemming from very real circumstances. Often they are searching for a place to raise their families free from violence or persecution—or perhaps they hope to escape a cycle of poverty by accessing educational or career opportunities.

No matter what motivates those who come here, immigrants are no doubt filled with the same fear of the unknown. Despite the hope inspired by those who have come before them, they know that there are many difficult hurdles to overcome before they can settle into a new and prosperous life here in the United States. It can be a difficult transition and one that is almost impossible to navigate without knowledge of the American immigration system.

Immigration Attorneys

The best first step for anyone trying to navigate the complex United States immigration system is to contact a knowledgeable immigration attorney at DIN Law. We specialize in assisting anyone who is leaving their country of birth to come to America, and we know what it takes to succeed.


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