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Published on July 2nd, 2015

What is BAM?

Our law firm is results driven. Trust that we will approach your case with the full force of our experience, talent, legal, knowledge, and resources.

Seeking the Highest Results

How do we get BAM results when our client is being deported for having committed a firearms offence? Pull out all the stops and convince the Immigration Judge that there is a difference between a firearms offence and carrying a 100 rounds of 9mm ammo onto a commercial aircraft.

Our Clients Matter To Us

Throughout Chicago, IL, we built our reputation by helping our clients with immediate, aggressive and creative immigration services that consistently produce outstanding results. We approach each case with confidence and determination. Our Chicago attorneys are driven to get the only result that matters to our clients and their families: success.

Free Initial Consultation

When you are ready to see a winning strategy, call and schedule a free case evaluation. We are available to discuss your situation whenever you need. Contact us at 312-548-8806.

Because your case is important to us, a lawyer will meet with you any time — days, evenings, or weekends, and off-site appointments are available.


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