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Adjustment of Status by Help of a Knowledgeable Immigration Lawyer

Becoming a legal permanent resident, also known as obtaining your green card, is the ultimate goal for most non-citizens in the United States. People come to the United States for all reasons — tourism, work, education. When your visa for that purpose has expired, it may be possible to become a legal permanent resident by getting an adjustment of status. This process involves preparing an application with supporting materials.

The procedure, along with most immigration cases, is often complex and intricate. The guidance of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer is essential.

Din Law, LLC, is a Chicago-based firm, providing exceptional and aggressive immigration services to people throughout Chicago and Illinois.

It is not enough to have just any immigration attorney. Our lawyers are aggressive and known for resolving even the most challenging cases. We fight for you, and we do not stop fighting until we achieve the best possible result.

Our experienced Chicago adjustment of status attorneys have answers to your questions:

  • If I have a criminal conviction, can I adjust my immigration status and get a green card?

    Often the answer is yes, there are options available. We find creative ways to advocate for our clients’ positions and help them stay in the U.S. despite difficult challenges.

  • I just got married, but my spouse left or wants to divorce me. Can I adjust my status and get a green card?

    Yes, oftentimes there are ways to get around such circumstances. Contact our firm today and together we will review all possible options.

  • I have been here illegally and I want to stay. Can I adjust my status, even now?

    Yes, there are many cases in which we can help. If you have been a victim of crime, a victim of spousal abuse or if conditions in your home country have changed, you may be eligible for an adjustment of status. We will help you immediately by exploring relief under VAWA (for men and women), asylum, and more.

We help clients fight overstay and all deportation issues , and we will help you, too.

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We are available to discuss your situation whenever you need. Contact us at 312-257-3837. Because your case is important to us, an attorney will meet with you any time — days, evenings, or weekends, and off-site appointments are available. The office is located near the Brown Line exit for Kedzie Avenue stop just 10 minutes from downtown. Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Russian, Albanian, Dari, and Romanian language services are available. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.


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